Picture This Ballooning - Making Brands Famous

By placing your or your clients' brands in stunningly unusual locations - and then capturing stills and video images for enduring value, Picture This Ballooning has pioneered a new medium in Australia - full service promotional aviation. 

If you are simply looking to fly over beautiful Melbourne in a hot air balloon please click here.

Aerial Advertising

There are three types of balloons your company could use for hot air balloon advertising, each one having its own advantages and benefits:

  • Special Shape Balloons

  • Branded Balloons

  • Bannered Balloons

Special Shape Balloons 

The Carlton Draught "Pot" inside Melbourne Central.

This aspirational medium harnesses the strength of outdoor advertising, attracts a wealth of television, radio and print coverage, visually translates into spectacular point of sale material, is rapidly transportable for national exposure, and provides corporations with a “money can’t buy” experience for management and staff, business colleagues and charitable associates. All this from one of the world’s oldest forms of flight redefined - the flight of a special shape hot air balloons.

All of our special shape balloons are designed in-house, in concert with our manufacturer, Cameron Balloons - the world leader in special shape engineering and manufacturing.

From our first special shape - the iconic "Sherrin" Australian Rules Football in 1997, our fleet now includes:

  • Two Liberty Financial Flying Houses

  • The NUDIE Balloon

  • The AGL Sustainable Energy Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

  • The Carlton Draught "Pot" or "Schooner"

  • "Mike" Monster from the Disney/PIXAR Classic animate movie "MONSTERS INC."

  • The Libra "Lucky Box"

  • 'The Footy'

  • Sportsbet "Christ The Redeemer"

Our Bank of Melbourne passenger balloon that regularly flies over Melbourne CBD.

Branded Balloons

From a year to a decade, a branded balloon is the largest format advertising space on the market.

We design a regular shape passenger balloon (often with our client's design team), branded with your logo, name, or any image you desire. These ships of the sky are powerful statements of a company's image and brand name. They come in all sizes from the smallest, which will carry a pilot solo at 56,000 cubic feet capacity, to the massive 320,000 cubic foot, 16-passenger capacity balloon.

The pinnacle of a promotional ballooning campaign is the enduring value of the images of the branded balloon.

Examples of our clients who fly branded balloons are:

Eastland Shopping Centre

Nudie Juice

Bank of Melbourne

Methods to advertise your brand

Flights - the obvious thing to do with a hot air balloon.

  • Fly over populated areas such as Melbourne, and its freeways

  • Flying over areas such as Sydney Harbour, and many of Australia's rural towns, often results in high media exposure

  • Flights over and in conjunction with events such as the AFL Grand Final, Skandia Week Geelong, the Melbourne Grand Prix and many more.

  • Flights for employees, customers and clients

Tethers - A great way to achieve an eye catching static display

  • A tether means inflating the balloon and staying on the ground. This creates a great static display, especially at night.

  • We have tethered many balloons at major events all over Australia such as the Geelong Show, Oakbank races and a record 18 hour tether inside Melbourne Central shopping centre

Radio Promotions/ competitions/ Media

  • Using the radio to advertise your product through a competition to win a balloon flight has proved a great success and popular method of utilising your hot air balloon.

  • Liberty Financial, Carlton Draught and Nudie Juice have all used their balloons for this type of promotion, both in big cities such as Brisbane and Sydney and smaller one radio station towns such as Wagga Wagga and Dubbo. Libra ran regular giveaways and radio campaigns in conjunction with their special shape, the Libra Lucky Box.

  • As hot air balloons are uncommon over most towns and cities, any balloon seen over their skies often creates a small media frenzy resulting in a high level of exposure for your company/product in that area via local papers, TV and of course radio.

A hot air balloon is an exciting form of advertising which achieves dramatic results for our clients. For more information please ring our office on (03) 9429 0277.