Colours brighten the Albuquerque desert

The 46th Annual Hot Air Balloon festival was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in early October.  
This year saw thousands of people flock to the remote location to witness bright colours, funny shapes and iconic faces take to the air in what can only be described as a hot air balloonists dream come true. 

The week long festival celebrates all things balloons with inflation and launch races, mass ascensions and special shape rodeo.  However, no festival is complete without chainsaw carving, laser lights, fireworks and live music.  

Economists calculate that 2015's festival attracted nearly 1 millions visitors over it's duration, and injected an estimates USD$177.4m to the New Mexico economy.  Many of the visitors to the Albuquerque Balloon festival travel from other American states and internationally to basque in the glory of they year's entertainment and see the sky come to life.