Your Yarra Valley Hot Air Balloon Flight

A hot air balloon flight over the Yarra Valley is a birds-eye view into a world famous wine region. The Yarra Valley is home to breathtaking views, flowing hills and valleys, and large open spaces that come to life with the sunrise and early morning. Flying over the beautiful farms and vineyards in a hot air balloon provides an amazing and unforgettable way to experience the joys of nature.

Your experience will be followed by a delicious champagne breakfast at the cosy Yarra Glen Cafe & Store, the perfect end to a serene morning.

See photos of flying over the Yarra Valley →

Your Yarra Valley Hot Air Balloon Flight includes:

  • One-hour (approx) hot air balloon flight over the picturesque Yarra Valley
  • Delicious champagne breakfast at the Yarra Glen Café and Store (optional)
  • One of Australia’s most experienced hot air balloon pilots and crew
  • Full insurance
  • Transport from Yarra Glen to and from the launch and landing sites
  • Tea and coffee before your flight at the Yarra Glen Café and Store
  • Camera attached to the balloon taking photos of you and your picturesque country background, available for purchase after your flight
  • Easy car parking at our meeting place


On the morning of your hot air balloon flight:


We meet at the Yarra Glen Café and Store, 36 Bell Street, Yarra Glen. Our meeting time is about an hour before sunrise, and varies throughout the year.

Tea and coffee is provided at the café.

You will meet your pilot and crew, and can ask them anything you want to know about hot air balloons.

After a short briefing by your pilot, we transport you to the launch site.

The launch site is chosen by the pilot based on the wind directions on the morning.

On the launch site you can assist with the inflation of the balloon, take photos, or watch the whole process, as you wish.

Once the balloon is inflated, your pilot will give you a final briefing and you’re off into the sky.


No motors, no noise. You're floating gently in the air.

Because you are moving with the wind, you won’t feel any wind chill.

Enjoy the spectacular views of the beautiful Yarra Valley, the rolling hills, farms and vineyards.

You’ll fly for approximately one hour on your Yarra Valley hot air ballooning adventure.

If you are interested in more detailed information about how balloons fly and steer, see our FAQ (link) or ask your pilot on the day.


Your pilot will most likely land the hot air balloon on the land of a friendly farmer.

If you would like to help pack up the hot air balloon the crew would love your help, and will show you the technique.

Once the hot air balloon is packed up, we will drive you back to the Yarra Glen Café and Store for your full champagne breakfast.

Family or friends can join you for the full breakfast experience to celebrate your hot air balloon flight. Tell us before your flight and we will book them in for $40/person.

What to wear and bring:

  • A warm jacket
  • Comfortable layers of clothing
  • Sturdy closed-toe shoes and warm socks. We will be walking on grass and parkland so heels are not acceptable. Your feet may get wet so bring a change of socks.
  • A hat, cap or beanie. The burners radiate heat, so we recommend a hat, or a beanie in winter.
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves in winter
  • Camera

Notes on clothing:

The coldest part of the morning is on the launch site, because a layer of cold air settles on the ground overnight. Once you are in the air above this layer, the temperature will rise and generally be very comfortable. Because the balloon moves with the wind, you won’t feel any wind chill. As a guide, our pilot flies with a t-shirt and shirt all year round, but bring layers for the launch site.


Parking is free at the Yarra Glen Cafe and Store.