Tasmania Flight Information

Picture This Ballooning has partnered with Liberty Balloon Flights to bring you more locations to fly!

Hot Air Ballooning has arrived in the Natural State! Flying over the north of the state, Liberty Flights brings you views of The Tamar Valley, Meander Valley, Launceston, the Northern Midlands and Deloraine as well as perhaps the coast on light northerly days! We bring this experience to the locals of Tasmania and tourists wanting to experience the best views this beautiful state has to offer!

Your Tasmania Hot Air Balloon Flight Includes:

  •        One-hour (approx.) hot air balloon flight over the north of Tasmania

  •         Delicious breakfast after your flight (optional)

  •         One of Australia’s most experienced hot air balloon pilots and crew

  •         Full Insurance

  •        Transport to and from the launch and landing sites

  •        Learn about the history of Tasmania

  •         Easy car parking at our meeting place

About the Experience:

We start quite early to meet the sunrise, approx. 0400 in the Summer time and approx. 0630 in the Winter time. We meet around 1.5 hours before Sunrise at a convenient location which we will confirm with you prior to your balloon flight. We then drive you, in our vehicles, to the chosen launch site of the morning.


It’s all about the wind, we therefore have a variety of launch locations dependent on the wind direction of the day. Hot Air Ballooning require “Audience Participation” meaning if you are keen and able, there are many tasks for everyone to take part. Launch procedures take approx. 1 hour. Once on board, we gently take off, so gently it amazes passengers how it feels like we are not even moving – the notion of vertigo is virtually non-existent.

Hot Air Ballooning is not an adrenaline sport, it is a special kind of sport where we gaze and appreciate the sunrise above the horizon, witnessing the waking of the countryside and city at dawn. As an old English lady once said to us, “balloons are one of the few things built by humankind that truly enhance nature.” We enjoy what we do, and we aim to hear that you loved the morning you spent with us.

Starting from $460.

To Book

Call 03 9429 0277

What to wear and bring:

  •          A warm jacket

  •          Comfortable layers of clothing

  •          Sturdy closed-toe shoes and warm socks. We will be walking on grass and parkland so heels are not acceptable. Your feet may get wet so bring a change of socks.

  •          A hat, cap or beanie. The burners radiate heat, so we recommend a hat, or a beanie in winter.

  •          Sunglasses

  •          Gloves in winter

  •          Camera

Notes on clothing:

The coldest part of the morning is on the launch site, because a layer of cold air settles on the ground overnight. Once you are in the air above this layer, the temperature will rise and generally be very comfortable. Because the balloon moves with the wind, you won’t feel any wind chill. As a guide, our pilot flies with a t-shirt and shirt all year round, but bring layers for the launch site.