Yarra Valley flight - Thursday 21st March

Our pilot wishes to double check the weather in the morning, so we ask that all passengers please call 0456 713 758 after 4.45am to get an updated flight confirmation.

If the flight is going ahead, please meet at RACV Healesville Country Club by no later than 6.00am.

Please be on time because if you arrive late you may miss your flight.

We hope you enjoy your flight with Picture This Ballooning!

我们的飞行员需要明天早上再重新查看一下天气才能做最终决定。请您明早 4.45am之后再次拨打我们的飞行热线0456 713 758来确认。

如果飞行照常进行,请于6.00am之前在RACV Healesville Country Club集合。请确保您按时到达,否则您的飞行可能会被作废。

预祝您在Picture This Ballooning的飞行愉快!

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