Damian Crock.jpg

Damian Crock CEO

Damian has been at the helm of his business for many years, His passion for events have inspired many memorable moments.

In his spare time you will either be finding Damian spending time with his wife and four daughters or at the MCG watching his mighty Collingwood Magpies.


Rupert Condon

Brand Manager

Rupert joins us in an official capacity after working at various stages sporadically through his childhood. He does a lot of work on our Social Media and with our larger clients.

In his spare time you will find Rupe “The Jogger” Condon participating in marathons and other long distance events (Pictured: Melbourne Marathon 2014). You may also find him playing reserves football or receiving skiing lessons on the slopes.


Nic Chancellor Sales Executive

Nicholas spends most of his day at Picture This Ballooning talking to and helping customers or anyone else who has a question!

For Nic, work is great relaxant away from the difficulties of playing high quality local sport on weekends. Whether its with the bat or ball during summer or holding the footy during winter Nic is a passionate sportsman. He also has aspirations of one day going for a long distance run with one of his colleagues, Rupe “The Jogger” Condon (if he could keep up of course!).


Ben Phillips General Manager

The man of a many talents. Ben manages our entire operation, ensuring everything runs like clockwork.

With a few hours under his belt as a private pilot, who knows what the future holds. Ben enjoys spending time on public transport as he says he finds it “quite peaceful”. His sporting exploits include competing at World Championships in 3 different sports: Rogaining, Hot air ballooning and Guts (a game played by throwing frisbees at each other as hard as possible). He also dabbles in the sport of curling, and is a long way from competing in any serious competition.


Peter Henderson Melbourne Crew

Peter performs many duties, including being the number one crew for Melbourne city flights. If you are flying over Melbourne the odds are you will be greeted with Peter’s smile.

Peter also manages the warehouse and makes sure everything is prepared for each operation - this keeps him busy!